Consent Over the Phone

Imagine being able to pick up your phone and consent to sex. No need to live in your imagination anymore,  because you can! Welcome to 2018, the everything involves a phone, even sex. When my mate texted me and told me about this amazing new app, I was a little concerned about what is to... Continue Reading →


Dear GOP: When Will It Be Enough?

It wasn’t enough for you in April of 1999, when two teenagers killed thirteen people at Columbine High School using some of the guns that were part of their very legal collection of weapons. It wasn’t enough for you in April of 2007, either, when 32—yes, 32—students were killed at Virginia Tech, a place that... Continue Reading →

Your Silence Is Deafening

Remaining neutral within the context of a serious issue is a form of complicity. I am tired of hearing from or seeing people who proudly consider themselves “peaceful neutrals” regarding important social matters—people who, clearly, would rather sit comfortably, without saying a single word or doing a single deed, than to make an informed decision... Continue Reading →

Short Hair Diaries – Part II

  Disclaimer: The following entry is purely based on personal experiences and is not intended to offend any culture but rather discuss machismo as seen through my eyes. Part two I continue to document my social experiment of having short hair in Latin America. As I make my way down the southern tip, I begin... Continue Reading →

10 Pro-Protest Newsies Lyrics

In the late nineteenth century—1899, to be exact—the newsboys of New York City gathered up and formed an unofficial union to strike against magnate Joseph Pulitzer, whose power he abused and whose newspaper company, The World, overworked the poor newsies (many of whom were of one-digit ages) and underpaid them to starvation. The children eventually... Continue Reading →

Companies’ “Feminist” Agenda: Stop Buying Activism-Inspired Apparel From Fast Fashion Brands

The original definition of feminism is “the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.” However, many people—including women— are straying away from feminism and even calling themselves anti-feminists. They don't mean anti-feminism for countries like Sadi Arabia and Pakistan where women’s basic human rights are challenged, but in Western... Continue Reading →

Live Music or the Good Ol’ Radio?

  Ask anyone what’s better, live music or the radio, and 9 out 10 will prefer listening to live music to the radio. I haven’t been to many concerts, and apart from the multiple One Direction performances, I am not a regular at gigs. Maybe its because I’m a poor student (cue the ‘Awws’), or... Continue Reading →

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