Losing My Friends After High School

I am coming to the end of my second last year of high school. I go back to school tomorrow just to get feedback from my final exams for the year. It only feels like yesterday that I was sitting in my school’s performing arts center surrounded by 240 jittery Year 7’s on our Orientation Day, watching dance and music performances, and then telling each other what our favourite part of the day was. Now my little sister is going to be doing exactly the same thing in two weeks time.

Going into my final year of high school, one thought has constantly been digging away at the back of my mind- “Am I going to lose my friends after high school?”

I realise that this is unfortunately true. I like to think that I have a fairly decent circle of friends, but I know that I probably will lose contact with some of them after I leave high school next year. I’m friends with some people where the only thing that is somewhat keeping us together is our high school experience, or similar classes/subjects that we have chosen. Knowing me, those are unfortunately the people that I will lose contact with. They are really nice people though!

I know that there are some friends that I will keep in close contact. But another aspect of this is that I will not be seeing my closest friends five days a week anymore, and this scares me a lot.

I already have a terrible habit of losing contact with people. Some of my friends I don’t talk to anymore, but not for negative reasons.  It’s like we forget to talk to each other. I always feel super guilty thinking about it.

I know that with the loss of some of my high school friends, there will be the gain of new friends. Hopefully I will make friends with people at the university I choose to go to, or at the job that I will do one day.

But for now, I must focus on getting through my final year of high school. I’ll cross the friends bridge when I get to it.

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